About Dana



My goal as a coach is to be the catalyst that evokes transformation.  I want my clients to be passionate about their life and work. To be curious about themselves, their loved ones, and the world around them. To dream big and to acquire the tools to achieve visions of themselves and the world that they had thought once were impossible. I want my clients to expand their visions of themselves.

I embrace the idea of “bad-assery”–what I consider to be the idea that we deserve and have the capacity to deepen and expand our reach in the world, our connection with others, and the value and meaning of our interactions.

I am trained in coaching by CTI, and I am working on my Professional Co-Active Coach certification. I am inspired by this method of instruction because CTI promotes transformative change for personal and professional relationships. I discovered life coaching in 2002, and since then I have studied the processes of coaching and worked with my own certified coach I bring these tools into my own coaching practice.

My coaching builds upon a research career focused on how  people can find their voice and become change agents. I am an international expert on student voice and civic engagement, having published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and four books. My teaching and mentoring also focus on this concept of finding voice and gaining clarity on how to make an impact in the broader world.

My training as a research and my passion as a seeker means that I am constantly reading, research, and learning new techniques and ideas that incorporate into my practice. My resources page includes books, Ted Talks, websites and other inspiring content that has informed by practice and that infuses the principles that guide my method of coaching. In addition to CTI principals, my coaching philosophy also draws on the teaching of Brene’ Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Sue Johnson, and other visionaries that inspire a vision of life that includes bravery, vulnerability, responsibility, compassion, gratitude and joy.

My coaching also reflects my intuition and wisdom gained from being a mom of two teenagers and partner to my soul mate for over 25 years. I  practice yoga and Quaker silent worship. I find my greatest truths and knowing on a long run, and  I embrace traveling about the world to seek new ways of knowing and being.


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