ONLINE WORKSHOP: Get It Done and Stay Sane

Getting to Tenure without Losing Your Mind:  A Workshop for Academics

Affordable coaching for new academics and advanced graduate students

Cohorts forming in May/June and September

Weekly group calls, accountability assignments, and a one-on-one consultation

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  • Thrive instead of worry
  • Increase your research productivity
  • Gain control of your time
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Build a community of support

This workshop is designed to give support and structure to pre-tenure faculty and advanced graduate students. Using professional coaching techniques, the workshop will help you to focus on research, writing productivity, and navigating the politics of academia. Topics covered will include writing more efficiently and effectively, conquering the publishing process, strategic planning for career success, and identifying, recognizing your inner critic that blocks success and achieving a balance with your non-academic life endeavors.

Dana Mitra has been teaching about academic writing and “getting it done” for over ten years. Dana is a trained professional coach and a full professor at Penn State. In her own work, she has published three books and over 40 peer reviewed articles. She is the editor of two academic journals, The American Journal of Education and the International Journal of Student Voice. and a mom of two. She is always looking forward to her next trail run and yoga practice.